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Become the next 'go-to-gal' in your niche, by building your quietly confident personal brand. It's your time to be known + paid, in your own gentle way.

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What would it feel like to be the next influencer, thought leader or change maker in your niche, without sacrificing your soul to get there?

besides feeling freakin' amazing, it would give you;

// Clarity & confidence in your unique brand that truly showcases your value and talent to more dream clients. A brand that is unmistakably you.

// Freedom to be yourself as you put more you into what you do, and you wave 'bye-bye' to the competition

// More influence + income - as you start to bring your big + beautiful business to life, using your introvert edge to get ahead

I've seen way too many introverted or sensitive lady bosses fall prey to the online world and struggle to be seen, heard and paid for their epic gifts.

I'm here to put a stop to that once and for all.

" Free To Brand Me was exactly what I needed! I had so many incredible epiphanies doing the work and it’s the kind of course that I know I’ll keep coming back to time and time again. Would 100% recommend it to any of my girl boss friends! Do it, do it, do it!! "

- Sophie Wood, Social Media Strategist

You may be struggling right now to make yourself feel seen, heard and paid. You might feel confused, or overwhelmed as you try to stand out in a busy online world.

I hear you.

but here's what I know for sure;

// You CAN stand out (without shouting out)

// You CAN become influential, loved and known (without having to constantly be outside your comfort zone)

// You CAN build that big + beautiful empire while being yourself (sweat pants, coffee and couch work sessions included and encouraged)



...because you're a game changer

(and it's time the world knew that too)

Hey sweets, I'm Jenna! (introvert + coffee enthusiast)

Free To Brand Me was born from a desire to help my introverted, sensitive lady bosses make their mark online in a gentle + connected way.

Basically, I was sick of the same old cookie cutter formulas to 'making 6 figures in 6 weeks' that used extroverted marketing techniques which all said the same old stuff.


So, I set out to create Free To Brand Me as the only personal branding & visibility course designed exclusively for introverted women in online business.


There's two straight up parts to this magic;

1 - Unlock your uniqueness to build a brand that gives you clarity + confidence and cuts the competition

Start getting paid for your epic gifts, ideas and talent without forcing yourself to be someone you're not.

2 - Create a marketing & visibility plan that works with your introverted personality and situates you as the 'go-to-gal' in your industry

Start working with your introverted nature, not against it, to make a bigger impact for less struggle

If you're like me and countless other introverted lady bosses, you're SO over...

// Being frustrated with the 'extroverted' marketing tactics you've tried, tested and failed at

You don't want to Periscope 50 times a day and push icky sales on people because it's so not your style

// Feeling unheard, unseen and unpaid for your unique value

You know you've got everything within you to be successful but you're unsure how to get it out & how to stand out in a busy online world

// Struggling to get visible and stay consistent

You constantly feel unfocused, burnt out and fearful of the marketing side of your business. You just want a plan that works for you and lets you play to your introverted nature, not against it

It's time to stop the icky, awkward marketing tactics and start building your unique path to success.

When you start branding YOU, beautiful things start to happen;

// You create a business & brand that is unmistakably YOU

Giving you the clarity & confidence to stand out and shine bright, without worrying about the competition

// You become known, loved and paid for your uniqueness

You start to step up with confidence as the next thought leader or change maker in your niche, in a way that feels comfortable and authentic to you

// You have a marketing & visibility plan that makes an impact and works with your introverted nature

You create your own system to consistently up-level your influence and impact using your introvert edge. And, it's a plan that you will actually stick to.


I am absolutely here to guide you with focus and strategy, cheer you on and help you build that big + beautiful business you seek.

Because, sweet pea, I see your true potential.

And it's your time to go from unknown to influential!

"This was the perfect course to help me gain more clarity and confidence in my own unique qualities! It gave me more of an idea of how to be authentic in my branding and express myself. It's something you can use over and over again in your business."

Kim Perry, Health Coach

"Free To Brand Me opened my eyes to a lot of things in my business. I gained so much clarity in what makes me unique and how to articulate this through my personal brand. It put everything in perspective. I highly recommend Free To Brand Me!"

Justine Renfro, Life Coach


Free To Brand Me is a big hearted, results-driven course with guided lessons and a kick-ass interactive community of like-minded introverted women.

Your power posse. Your soul sisters. Your people.

What you'll receive:

  • 4 modules with easy to digest videos + workbooks

  • Bonuses + extra goodies

  • Guest experts - from introverted biz ladies

  • Weekly email prompts to guide you through the course with ease

  • Lifetime access with free updates - you only pay once, but you'll receive a lifetime of new content and upgrades as the course grows (and it will!)

Overview of the course:

Module 1 - Branding You - Unlock Your True Potential

This module will give you a jolt of confidence and clarity in what will set you apart from the sea of noise online, so you can finally cut the competition.

Create a rock solid foundation for your success by unlocking your unique gifts, strengths, expertise and your quiet power through your personal brand audit. Discover your unique brand focus to elevate you as the expert in your niche and keep you focused and aligned. Create your 'zone of freedom' - where your greatest passions meet profit to allow you to work with more freedom, abundance and joy.

Module 2 - Purpose to Profit - You + Your Dream Clients

This module will connect your bigger purpose to your dream clients to understand who you are perfectly suited to serve and how to connect with them instantly.

Use your introvert edge to unlock exactly what your tribe want and need to create profitable solutions they won't say no to! Boost your engagement and convert more clients by developing your signature communication style where you'll learn how to speak your tribe's language, your own way.

Module 3 - Magnetize Your Brand To Claim Gentle Authority

This module will lay an unbreakable foundation to help you be seen, heard and paid for your unique gifts + value (in your gentle, authentic way)

Stand out without shouting out through magnetic brand messaging that instantly connects you with your dream clients. Craft your signature story to cut through the noise and situate you as a thought leader in your space. Learn the 5 essential pillars to help you claim authority in your niche and put the buzz in your brand, using your introvert edge.

Module 4 - Content & Visibility Without Sacrificing Your Soul

This module will help you step into your role as an influential introvert by creating a content & visibility strategy that works uniquely for you.

Choose your strategic content focus to work smarter (not harder). Develop your signature 90 day visibility plan to guide you step-by-step to more influence, impact and income. Watch your business soar as you work to your unique introvert strengths and create a system that supports you.

Let's look inside the lessons!

Course Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll

+ How to Stay Consistent With Your Marketing (Without Burning Out)

+ Brand Buzz Checklist - Make Your Brand Pop Online

+ Create Your Calm & Profitable Business Week (build a schedule that supports your energy for maximum results)

Plus these amazing guest experts!

(yep, they are all beautiful introverts too)

Sophie Wood - Social Media Strategist

Sophie is sharing her expertise in building your brand on social media using authentic marketing techniques that vibe with your tribe. This guest lesson will give you a jolt of confidence in how to use social media purposefully, in a way that suits your personality.

Elle Lynn - Creative Director at JuJu Creative Hub

Elle is sharing her expertise on how to bring your unique personal brand to life through design and visuals. This guest lesson is jam packed with actionable tips & advice to make your brand look & feel just like you.

Jo Kendall - Mindset Coach

Jo is sharing her expertise on how to master your mindset to overcome fear and blockages and move into your big, bold, brave future. This guest lesson will help guide you towards more confidence, more action and less fear.

You will leave this course with:

+ Your personal brand map - 100% clarity & confidence in what makes you unique so you can go from unknown to influential & be quietly unstoppable

+ A visibility plan and system that works for you - convert more clients with ease, by tapping into your introvert edge to get ahead

+ Exact tools & resources that you can use time and again to boost your visibility and up-level your influence in your niche

+ Your unique roadmap to become the next digital darling and expert in your niche so more people know you, refer others to you and want to work with you

" Free To Brand Me is encouraging, motivating and to the point yet packed full of value for anyone at any level of their business. It really helped me gain clarity and get focused in key areas of my business.

This course will fast track your way to getting really clear on your brand and get excited again about doing the work to get you there so that you can feel confident about your unique business. Do it!"

Tess Philip, Marketing Strategist

If you answer 'yes' to the below it's your time to take the next step!

+ You want your purpose, message and personality to shine bright and clear so you can attract more dream clients

+ You want to stop doing 'all of the things' and start taking focused, strategic steps that work uniquely for you

+ You want to wake up each day with clarity and confidence, knowing exactly what to do to build your dream business

+ You want to become the next 'go-to-gal' in your niche so more people know you, refer others to you and want to work with you

+ You're sick of the 'one size fits all' mystical courses that promise the world and know you need something tailored and unique to you from a fellow down to earth, introverted mentor

>> It's time to stop following the masses and start branding YOU!

>> It's time to put the buzz in your brand and create unstoppable momentum

>> It's your time to become known, loved and paid for your epic gifts + ideas

Get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of business is this best suited for?
This course will work best if you're an introverted solopreneur working in a client based or service based business. This course is most effective if you are the face of your brand, such as a coach or designer.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. However, I suggest giving yourself 4 weeks with about 1-2 hours a week to complete the lessons and finish all modules.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What is your refund policy for this course?
You have 14 days to request a refund. In order to receive a refund, you must show that you put in the work by watching the lessons and completing the workbooks.
What currency will I be charged in?
All prices listed are in USD.